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The public sector has seen the opportunities in digitalization; increase accessibility within the welfare – whilst delivering high quality and cost-effective solutions. Innovative services of tomorrow must therefore be designed based on actual user needs in real-world environments. With the support of digital soloutions and technology, individuals can manage their lives more independently.  With this common aim we form an ecosystem for user-driven innovation of digital health services. Through personalized, accessible and cost-effective solutions, we create health for everyone.


Quadruple Helix

To enable transformation, a long-term initiative is needed that brings together the public sector, ICT companies, research and users on a mutual platform. We are building bridges for collaborations across public sector, academia, industry and civil society. Working in a multidisciplinary environment is beneficial for all, when developing new solutions to complex challenges like this.


Open innovation

We believe that open innovation will create social benefits and regional growth. We also believe in creating an improved development process, to address all the potential challenges from concept to implementation.


An arena for co-creation of services for our future wellbeing

DigitalWell operates in four sub-areas, to facilitate collaboration on new digital welfare services.

  1. We are establishing an open innovation environment which constitutes a common arena, facilitating cooperation and creating understanding between different players. The innovation environment also provides real environment test opportunities for the private sector.
  2. We are establishing and evaluating procedures and methods for cooperating in user-centred development. The process will bridge the ”innovation gap” and will range all the way from needs to a solution which can function in its own context. DigitalWell can also offer support services for companies which intend to develop new digital welfare solutions.
  3. We process-lead the case on the basis of the actual challenges in the public sector. The process management coordinates the efforts of academia, the public sector and the business sector right through from need to achieving implementable and commercially viable solutions. The methods and processes are verified at the same time.
  4. We structure situational monitoring and knowledge exchanges within the area.


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